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C & C Doors and More is a family-owned and operated general contractor that manufactures custom-made doors and millwork. We started out in the field of construction in 1996, as an important part in the development of a gas station located in the town of Welsh. From then on, we continued to improve and broaden our range of services. This led to our entry into the door manufacturing business in 2010, which was initiated so that we can provide the residents of Lake Charles with more dynamic designs for their properties. Because of this, we have earned a reputation as the premier home improvement provider not only in the city, but also throughout the state of Louisiana.

Despite our company’s growth, we have retained our ways as a family-owned company even today at more than 2 decades after our establishment. Our services don’t come like that of the big manufacturers and corporate entities out there that go with the mass production approach to make their lives easier; but in doing so jeopardize their end product’s quality in the process. We have kept our hands-on approach on our customer service and will continue doing so, as we know that this is the most effective way of making sure that each of our customers receive the satisfaction that they deserve.

Aside from that, we also keep our commitment in giving quality service through other means. These include providing FREE ESTIMATES to each and every one of our clients, as well as ensuring that our company is continuously insured and bonded by governing agencies. All of these help us in achieving our ultimate goal of providing you with quality workmanship in a timely manner.

So, if you’re interested in getting nothing less than Lake Charles’ top-notch services and high-quality products, don’t hesitate to contact C & C Doors and More today! Give us a call at (877) 616-8865 or send us an email through any of provided addresses below:

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